Nutritionally sound, tried and tested by yours truly.

To start off our recipe sections, I thought we would try safe and healthy summer refreshers. These are frozen, easy to make treats that include serving size and nutritional break down and of course, my opinion on the taste. I'll try and keep the recipes as easy and inexpensive as possible. I hope you enjoy them. We use Nutritionix for each nutritional breakdown.

First up is is this frozen banana cup from

You will need a blender, bullet or food processor for this or just good old fashioned manpower. Also, 12 small disposable cups and a yellow size 20 scoop or tablespoon to measure.

Ingredients are:

6 ripe bananas

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 cup semisweet chocolate chips (Lilly's are with stevia. We used regular chocolate chips)


I did not freeze the bananas as listed in the recipe. I just processed them until they were smooth. I added the vanilla and pureed the chocolate chips. We made them with the whole chips but the processed version was much better. Distributed the flavor throughout the pop. We also added three tablespoons peanut butter powder the second time :-). These are good but out of the three recipes, this is our least favorite. We will make them again but the other ones were a little ahead of the game. I will probably use these to add to a smoothy to give it a little zing and a slushy texture. Once you have this mixed, scoop or spoon (3.5 tablespoons each) into the cups and freeze. Easy!






Nutritional breakdown

nutrition breakdown nutrition breakdown nutrition breakdown
nutrition breakdown    
For each serving, 12 in total protein .25 grams (.85 with PB)  
70.27 calories (74 with PB) fats 1.08 grams (3.05 with PB) carbs 4.5 grams (5.6 with PB)