Nutritionally sound, tried and tested by yours truly.

To start off our recipe sections, I thought we would try safe and healthy summer refreshers. These are frozen, easy to make treats that include serving size and nutritional break down and of course, my opinion on the taste. I'll try and keep the recipes as easy and inexpensive as possible. I hope you enjoy them. We use Nutritionix for each nutritional breakdown.


Yogurt Berry Pop

You will need a blender or bullet. Also, 12 small disposable cups and a yellow size 20 scoop or tablespoon to measure.

Ingredients are:

10.6 ounces Strawberry cut to bite size pieces

7 ounces Blueberries

5.2 ounces Rasberries

10.5 ounces Plain Yogurt

The original recipe call for sugar but we substituted 7 dates


Puree dates. Add half of each kind of berry reserving the rest whole to be added later. Puree well. Add yogurt and mix lightly. Add whole berries. Divide the berry mixture into 12 cups and add a popsicle stick. Freeze for approximately 4 hours or until solid.

Nutritional breakdown:

For each serving, 12 in total protein 1. grams  
50.6 calories fats .98 grams carbs 10.08 grams